Cloudy with a high chance of efficiency

Many companies look to conventional options to make their business run more efficiently, time and motion studies that sort of thing. But AC Hall Airconditioning looked to the cloud and it has made the world of difference.

Like other air conditioning companies AC Hall Airconditioning had a heap of paper floating around the office, everything from service reports, to purchase orders, quotations and timesheets. This stopped once the company integrated a cloud-based software system called Aroflo.

Phasing out R22

Behind the phasing out of R22 are a lot of factors that we don’t need to spend much time discussing. All that’s needed is to say they are related to Australia accepting our responsibility with respect to phasing out the production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances in an international context.

Our government has agreed to phasing this gas out in 2016, this is four years ahead of the schedule required but since they have made this agreement we are bound by it.